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Garden Carts that help you get the work done!

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"The carts are everything you said they were! We're ready for five more! When can you get them out the door? THANKS!"

Jay from Austin, Texas (Park Services)

Choose from five different carts!

Standard Specifications for our Garden Carts

Standard features on a garden cart
  1. Support frame for removable front dump is 1.5” x 1.5” x 1/8” plated steel angle welded at the base for maximum structural strength and support.
  2. Raised front panel prevents wide loads from sliding forward.
  3. Removable front panel for handy dumping.
  4. Exposed edges are protected by extruded aluminum bonded to the plywood.
  5. The panels are either 1/2” 4-ply 20-year outdoor marine grade treated plywood, or 1/2” durable PVC for easy cleaning.
  6. Tubing is 7/8” diameter galvanized steel, with .049 wall thickness.
  7. Kep nuts with washers to prevent them from coming loose.
  8. #26 has 2 legs and supporting braces for maximum strength and side support. The #20 cart has a single leg bent from one side to the other.
  9. Solid steel 1018 tempered axle permits hauling of loads up to 400 lbs.
  10. Special high quality wheels built in USA. They have 5” wide hubs with heavy duty rims and bearings. There are 32 spokes with a 3/16” diameter. These wheels are 4 times stronger than bicycle wheels!
  11. Pneumatic 26” tires traverse easily over uneven ground, through snow, or even up and down steps. Upgrade to “Flat Free” tires to eliminate flat tires.

Most Asked Questions about our Garden Carts

Q. What is the load capacity of your carts?

A. Cart #26 is conservatively rated at 400 pounds. Cart #20 is rated at 300 pounds. Cart #24 is the same as #26 except it is 8” narrower and will fit through a 35” door.

Q. How good are your wheels?

A. These are not bicycle wheels! Specifically designed for heavy-duty usage, the wheels on cart #26 are rated at 200 pounds each while the #20 cart wheels are rated at 150 pounds each. With flat-free tires, the rating goes up 100 pounds per wheel.

Q. Do your carts have a removable front panel for dumping?

A. Yes, they do! Carts from other retailers also have a removable front panel for dumping, but please compare critically as quality and ease of use vary widely among manufacturers. Our carts use 1-1/2 welded angle iron for the removable door support. This heavy-duty frame accomplishes two purposes. First of all, the sidewalls of the cart will not bow out under a full load. Secondly, no cross-bracing is required that would hinder the load from being dumped.

Q. Can I store the cart outside? What about durability?

A. Yes. All of the steel used on our carts is zinc-plated or galvanized. Other manufacturers use painted steel which can scratch and rust. Our fine wood panels are 4-ply 1/2” 20-year outdoor grade plywood or ½” durable PVC for easy cleaning.

Q. How do your carts compare with the low-cost imports seen in discount stores?

A. Please compare quality. On the wheels of the imported carts, note the absence of ball-bearings, the “loose” and narrow-diameter spokes, and the lack of a tempered steel axle. Also note that the metal parts are painted, not plated. The imported “luan” plywood is interior grade and not the long-lasting outdoor grade.

Q. Is the cart difficult to assemble?

A. No. Each cart is shipped partially assembled with protective edging and fasteners installed. Just the final assembly is required. You only need a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. The tires are inflated, and the wheels and tires are completely assembled and ready to go.

Q. How soon after I order will my cart be shipped?

A. 95% of the orders are shipped on the next business day.

Q. Are spare parts available?

A. Any component part is available for shipment within 24 hours. We have parts available for every cart we have ever built. Please call to order parts.

Q. Which shall I buy, a garden cart or a wheelbarrow?

A. Although a wheelbarrow may be handy for maneuvering in tight places, a garden cart boasts amazing characteristics. A spacious garden cart can move a large amount of material. Garden carts are designed to haul heavy loads, and the large wheels help the cart move easily over bumpy ground. The flat surface inside is perfect for transporting packs of seedlings for planting. The two-wheeled design makes a garden cart more stable than a wheelbarrow. We have small and large carts so you can choose the one that is perfect for your gardening needs.

Q. Which garden cart is the best?

A. Cart #26 is our most popular garden cart because of its spacious cargo area of 32” wide by 36” long. This cart can hold up to 13 bushels. Our #24 cart is the perfect fit for narrow spaces. It is 24” wide and can easily fit through doorways. The #20 cart is a nice in-between cart with an 8-bushel capacity.

Q. Is a garden cart easy to maneuver?

A. Yes, our garden carts are made of durable yet lightweight materials. The large wheels aid in maneuvering the cart easily over rough ground.

Q. What is the difference between pneumatic and semi-pneumatic tires?

A. Pneumatic tires are inflated by compressed air. If punctured, the tire will go flat. Semi-pneumatic tires are made of molded, dense rubber and do not depend on compressed air to keep them inflated. A sharp object can poke a semi-pneumatic tire and it will not deflate.