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#20 Garden Cart

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#20 Garden Cart

Need a small cart for hauling materials to and from your flower beds or herb garden? The #20 Garden Cart has an 8-bushel capacity. Don’t let it’s petite size fool you. It is rated for up to 300 lbs of weight. The inside dimensions of the box are 23" wide by 40" long by 12" high. The overall dimensions are 31" wide by 54" high by 32" tall. It will fit through a 32" door.

We have options to choose from.

PVC material or plywood. The cart built from PVC material is lightweight and durable. There is no need to paint PVC plastic. But if you prefer the painted look, you are welcome to apply a fresh coat anytime. The plywood we use is kiln-dried, exterior grade and doesn't warp or twist in damp weather. Plywood lets you choose if you prefer to stain, paint, or let the cart as is for a natural look!

Air filled or flat free tires. Our air filled tires are made of quality material and built for heavy-duty use. They serve well under normal circumstances. If you want the assurance that your tires will never go flat, order you cart with flat free tires. Because they do not depend on compressed air to keep them inflated, they will not go flat when you accidentally push your cart over a nail. The flat free tires are rated at 100 pounds more per tire than the air filled ones. So if you plan to give your cart a work out for years to come, consider choosing the flat free tires.